Saturday, June 5, 2010

Preaching,teaching marriage & divorce

Briefly I wish to run a few remarks concerning the way in which marriage & divorce is handled wrongly today.

It goes without saying that the underlying problem concerning this relates to many a subject, whenever we start with man and we seek to help him we go wrong. Likewise if we start with experience then with the scriptures we go wrong.

Many teachers, pastors and counsellors (including friends) have sought to bring comfort to their friends by telling them a lie. In their speaking they have implemented only one safeguard and that safeguard, that thing which they are struggling to avoid is to put any shame upon their listeners and so they work from that one safeguard. The problem with this is that we have never been given that power, we don't choose when someone should or should not be convicted. We MUST however seek to be consistent with the teachings of scripture, seeking to preach truth, grace, promises, warnings etc..

When it comes to marriage & divorce, many have given much ammunition to couples who r currently experiencing problems, these couples have found comfort in their wicked lusts. Whereas they should feel afraid and rebuked for even entertaining the idea to leave their spouse, it should not enter their mind as an option. Someone who professes to be a believer who is actually seeking after a divorce, seeking to fulfill their own pleasures and looking for someone to sooth their conscience should NEVER find such in the house of God, rather they should be sharply warned even to the point of examining whether they are in the faith considering how lightly they are viewing such a God blessed and to God vowed union. In doing so the pastor/teacher/counsellor must not present a "well everyone's doing it, the church is just as bad as the world" picture, when in fact though their are certainly real believers who have had divorces, the statistics that are given are quite flawed since the majority of the people questioned are no more saved then demons, 'few enter in'.
Whenever marriage & divorce is addressed the presenter must do all within their power to:

  • explain the purposes and pictures of marriage in a glorious counter-cultural scriptural light,
  • as well as clearly expressing the feelings of God towards divorce
  • seeking to teach those getting ready to marry
  • encouraging and warning those who are married
  • offering forgiveness to those who ARE truly repentant
  • clearly presenting the GOSPEL, given the REALITY that the problem with many marriages is that many are church-going LOST people who are "trying' to have a godly marriage...

Since marriage is to be a picture of Christ and His church, it makes perfect sense to (as always) point to the cross and expound the gospel whenever speaking on the topic of marriage.


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