Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Voddie Baucham on the Sovereignty of God in our lives

How should we testify to the grace of God in our lives! Pastor Voddie in this clip addresses the need to be careful in how we even testify concerning our victories & our losses....
I made this today, though i planned to do it months ago :) (picture is from the creation Museum)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why do YOU preach?

Why preacher, why do YOU preach?
Not why "should" you preach? But why do YOU preach? Certainly you have a goal in mind, certainly there MUST be a chief motivator which drives you to preach! I ask you dear preacher to dig deep, to do some heart searching for the sake of Christ & for the sake of His people.
Some preach to reach the lost
Some preach to edify the church
Some preach to glorify God
Others preach out of envy, in order to compete
Others preach because that's what they do (a habit)
Others preach to get money
Others preach to get Fame (big crowds)
Others preach for power (to rule over others)
Others preach to entertain their people
Others preach to get through a series (or a book)
Others preach to fill a time slot
Others preach to feel good
Others preach to please their people
Others preach to comfort themselves
And I suppose the list could on and on, but rather then to think of who might fit into these categories, I beg you again to ask of yourself, but why do I preach, what are you aiming for??

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