Saturday, September 4, 2010

9/11 lessons we shouldn't forget!

I was a fairly new convert of REAL Christianity when the towers fell in New York, however it was a time where I had several friends from different churches & I happened to be working for a telemarketing company (doing "Christian" telemarketing-it was HORRIBLE), and so you could say at this time I was paying attention to a lot of churches/ministries.

I was listening to a song recently and the artist threw out a line that went something like this: "I represent the God you prayed to on 9/11", talk about good wording, and without a doubt it is true many SUDDENLY adopted a "prayer" life when this tragedy occurred!

This was a time of urgency for our nation, and many a church QUICKLY opened it's doors to people who were looking for a place to pray, many churches had their attendance rise rapidly after this event. Do you remember that? Do you remember how easy it was to speak about God (whether people were mad or confused) and eternal things?

Now can i just throw out some food-for-thought statements & questions:

  • Many churches completely WASTED that opportunity & did NOT use it to reach souls or present the gospel, but rather tried to soothe people who were angry at God!

  • If ever there was something that we would have thought would HUMBLE America & cause her to seek God's face, this WAS it, what will it take?

  • I remember seeing on cbn, videos of churches in other countries holding intense prayer meetings for our nation @that time, when's the last time our churches have done the same for other nations (or churches)???

  • Some churches DID see many converting to Christ as a result of their evangelistic efforts, if it was there at all how long did your fervor for souls last at that time (days, wks, months)??
  • When's the last time you prayed that hard?? Did you even pray for eternal things??
  • Many Christians prayed together, had sweet communion, rejoiced together, wept together, worked together all for kingdom purposes, for God purposes, for Christ-centered this still happening, shouldn't it?


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