Monday, January 24, 2011

Clarifying gets old

In a recent blog by Voddie Baucham he once AGAIN defends the straw man depicted by so many today when it comes to FIC churches (family-integrated-churches). It was a poor repost of Tim Challies which led Voddie to restate some facts concerning this movement.
In this link, voddie has several links so if you are new to the subject check them out:
It is truly sad how often such careless pictures of groups are painted by brethren who take little time to do their research but rather browse a couple websites & collect a few observations from the comments of others. The FIC simply can't be defined simply, it's not fair nor truthful to group such a vast entity into one group and then tell others what they consider "essential". There is way too much history of churches that laid a biblical emphasis upon the family and it's role to the church, to just sweep the FIC movement as some strange and new phenomenon (when some may simply be, simple churches: that is churches without all the "improvements" of contemporary churches) The question is not "are there extremes in the FIC movement?" but rather "What movement, what denomination, what theological system doesn't have some who take things to an unbiblical extremes?" Counterfeit bills don't make real bills any less real!
As far as Challies goes, i find him interesting (which is why i rarely read him and that's primarily because i just don't find it that fruitful to read tons of "interesting" blogs, i want something with an edge but hey that's me), he's a good writer and on many things his discernment is quite sharp, but I do think his writings on family & on parenting are in need of some culture-washing

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