Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be mindful of false motives for salvation

It would do us all well especially in times of peace & prosperity to be mindful of false motives of so-called professors of Christianity. By 'times of peace & prosperity' i mean anytime there may be some sort of gain that might be commonly associated with being a Christian.

I would beg you to be mindful so that you will get in the habit of inquiring much more then is normally done. Salvation is of such importance that great care should be taken to share & explain it. Given the shallow, shaky, & dilluted presentations of the gospel found so often today, we should desire to explain the gospel in greater detail.
Sometimes it is difficult to exhort someone when it comes to something like this because a checklist simply won't do: what is needed above all is a geuine concern for the soul of the person you are speaking to, a concern that surpasses your desire to be brief, the desire to 'count' this person as another 'convert' of yours or attender of your church and your desire to not offend this person.
I have many times run across different situations where someone was expressing a desire to receive Christ OR they simply professed to be a follower of Christ and the varying reasons are numerous: some profess Christ when they are within a peer group that is 'doing it' too (like childrens church, youth group etc), some young people will make professions in order to please parents, some to 'get' affection/attention from parents, some will go through a time of great struggle (failing marriage, sickness, joblessness..etc) and will show great interest in following Christ not as Savior from their sins or Lord of their life but as a quick fix, as a pain reliever. Some will even speak of sin, not because they hate their sins because of a new found love for God, but because they hate the consequences of their sin: this is quite common when it comes to drugs, alcohol, and/or sexual addictions (and other things), the consequences of these sins come quicker then most sins & it's not uncommon to find unbelievers disgusted with such sins.
Whatever the reasons given by the person, it is good to 'dig deeper' to see why someone is expressing a desire to come to Christ. It is good to re-explain the gospel, it's need & it's effects (the 'fruit' of real saving faith) as well as stressing the cost of following Christ (which includes the reality that many life circumstances/situations may not get better). All in all i am saying we should give everyone an honest explanation (and expectation) of the gospel.


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