Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Laments over facebook

Well I have been on facebook for a while & that is primarily due to the ease of posting & reading via my phone, which if it wasn't for that I would have never got on it.
Now I am fully aware that some have decided to forgo the whole experience altogether, for such noble reasons as not adding any more time consuming activities to their lives. Others have at first participated in it then found it completely unfruitful or for the same reason some blogs remove the ability to comment, they were bombarded with people who only desired to argue. I am also aware that for some it has proven fruitful, they have been blessed by it & they have blessed others through, for such we can say praise the Lord (and perhaps i will blog that which I can rejoice concerning facebook)!
With that said my "laments" are not my arguments for or against the use of facebook, but rather some things to be mindful of, to be intentional about, to pray for etc...and another thing these laments apply more to the avid user then the person that only stops by sporadically
(some "laments" could easily include blogs, forums, even "in person" social gatherings)
1. Time restraint & dating:
Because so many are posting thoughts and the like, time can be of the essence & so often given the time of day or day of the week a really useful quote, comment, link or important prayer request or praise report can be totally missed, and it appears that it's a rarity for someone to actually read things that were posted yesterday (for some yester-hour) unless (hidden rule-i suppose) they have just became your "friend" then it is only customary for them to go back & find something they can add a "like" to.
2. Lack of fuller interaction:
This like many ties into time restraints & overload of comments, but it is regrettable the comments, links, & quotes that don't generate ongoing comments, such that it's not just a passing thought that we reply "amen" to or simply "like" but perhaps a little bit of a explanation why we "like" it so that the convo we just participated in may leave some lasting fruit
3. Overload of MUST SEE/READ/LISTEN links that aren't "musts"
Some well-intentioned believers seem to be blown away by just about anything they come across on youtube, or listen to, or read and feel it necessary to bombard their page with such links, perhaps again they should explain why it's a MUST as opposed to listening/watching/reading just about any other person on the subject etc..
4. Lack of Christ-centered speech
It appears that some believers have nothing whatsoever to share of Christ, perhaps they have nothing to praise God for, perhaps they have no affections to express concerning Christ & His gospel, perhaps they consider their testimony as a private matter to be kept silent, perhaps they don't consider it useful to bless another believer with something that has blessed them, or perhaps they don't think it wise to speak anything of the gospel for their "friends" to see (and especially not talk about sin, repentance, hell, & justice etc..)---sound ridiculous right? Of course---now now before you have a hissy fit ask yourself does he have a point?
5. Lack of honest disagreement
(This lament will also resonate with many bloggers as well) but it takes different formats on facebook, some will throw out a disagreement then they will disappear not responding to any replies, some will comment to something that is a misunderstanding then refuse an explanation (and we all love to be called liars), some will continue to argue (even totally off the subject) ignoring every single reply, even the clearest of scriptural rebuttals..and from time to time you might even have one making posts on their page concerning their disagreement with you but leave out names.
6. Lack of concern for holiness in comments, links, etc
I use the term "holiness" to cover just about all that concerns our witness before unbelievers & our desire to glorify God before all believers (especially "baby" Christians). It is appalling to see believers employ crude speech for the sake of a laugh, or to see married couples express their disappointment with their spouse before all to see, to see some using all their posts to whine, complain & moan about every thing under the sun (I do mean the sin of murmuring, not just simple comments on various things), parents to speak often of their children as burdens, to see some believers boasting in something that may indeed be "permissible" but is CLEARLY something they know many baby Christians stumble over (hmm i think the Apostle Paul made some strong arguments about that---hello, you wanna-be reformed rebels...please grow up.).

I think that sums it up.......O if anything applies to you then please consider applying it to yourself, don't just react & ignore, especially if you got that "is he talking about me"-syndrome , no I'm speaking to whomever it may concern...grace & peace
p.s. your comments will be welcomed :)


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