Saturday, February 5, 2011

a needed resurgence!!

It is unmistakable to ignore the recent rise of interest into Reformed theology, whether that be all that entails reformed theology, or that simply limited to the doctrines of grace. It would be quite difficult to ignore the scriptures emphasis upon truth & it's colossal impact upon our lives, our maturity, our well being, for good theology IS good and necessary for it is simply (or should be) knowing the mind and heart of God (concerning Himself, us, and all things).
Yet the rise of interest & study of such truths does NOT guarantee good fruit UNLESS we seek after such truth for the reasons God desires & with a willingness to apply such truth as God demands.
What is desperately needed in our day above all things is not simply a rise in interest, a rise in talk, a rise in sermons, a rise in blogs, a rise in books, or a rise in churches which affirm & spread reformed beliefs but MOST importantly we should desire and pray for a rise in HUNGER, in THIRSTING after God, a rise in young people who don't simply want to "do" great things for God , but want to greatly "be" with & like God. We need in our day a historical revival of Christians who long to be alone with God, who spend a great deal of time with God. We need not a people who know so-called "prayer warriors" that they can call, but who know well what it is to plead with God, to struggle in intercession. We need a people who can't bear to just listen to men like Piper, like Washer, like Conway, like Beeke, like Tozer, express their hunger, their passion, their pleasures in God, but cry out "O, Lord visit me likewise, I MUST have You too, consume me!" I do fear there are too many that get their passion "fix" from such preachers, yet never resolve to follow in their footsteps, never change their habits.
Far too many young people & especially young ministers (who are SUPPOSED to be examples) seem to consider themselves the strongest of all believers, so strong that they need little time alone with God, so strong that they can without shame expose themselves to filth that none of the preachers (who express much passion for Christ) who they look up to, could ever listen to, watch, or participate in. So strong that they have all the time in the world to keep up with all the current events of the day, all the popular shows, all that takes place in the sports world, even becoming masters in video gaming (which nowadays demands countless hrs), among other hobbies, yet when it comes to time with God, well that's a matter of grace (we mustn't allow ourselves to get discouraged so let's just blow it off--as the reasoning seems to be).
Just recently I was listening to Voddie Baucham tell of a time where (which almost never happens for him) he travelled alone to speak at a church and the pastor who was to meet him at the airport, sent I believe his secretary instead to pick him up. Well Voddie expressed his disappointment with this and refused to drive alone with this lady (as it would violate a principal he stands by) and despite the awkwardness found another means of transportation. Once the pastor of the host church did meet him, he was absolutely confused about what Voddie did, and ask questions along the lines of "Did you do this because you once committed adultery, or perhaps you have great struggles with lust....etc?" to these ridiculous questions Voddie pointed out that it's the fear of his flesh that caused him to do this, that though he DOES NOT currently struggle with any of those things, he doesn't want to BEGIN struggling with them either.----Did u catch that? Now that's a biblical response to life's circumstances, there is a proper understanding of indwelling sin and the need to guard ourselves (while too many today would practically laugh at such restrictions, at such care to maintain a pure life, even a pure testimony. I don't wish to restrict this to one subject, but it is disturbing how many young people make little effort to guard themselves from being alone with the opposite sex--perhaps you don't fall, but what about those who follow your example?).
Wouldn't it be great if there was such a rise that many who came to such truths, began to do radical things for God, became so obsessed and consumed with Christ that they could hardly be moved by anything else, such a rise that many of us more "mature" believers would be greatly convicted & encouraged??? Would you pray for such things, do you desire to see such changes in the church, in your church, in your life, in your children even??
Then OUT of that hunger, OUT of that doctrinal foundation, OUT of that personal pursuit of biblical holiness & enjoyment of God, there would be fruitful, God-glorifying, praiseworthy, teaching, preaching, writing, fellowshipping, reading, living, singing, and spreading of the glorious truths found in the doctrines of grace, the doctrines of scripture!


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