Monday, July 9, 2012

Fruitful sermons series MUST LISTEN!!!!

Here brethren is a list of SERIES that u would do well to make time to listen to, some of these names are lesser known, but in no way less fruitful, in fact I would contend that these series would do your soul more good then double the amount from popular reformed preachers.

First let's begin with BRIAN BORGMAN

Here then is a phenomenal series on GODLY EMOTIONS (much needed in our day)
A 160 pt on SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY (take your pic of topics in this one...gems!!)

Next we have Dr. Curt Daniel, a brilliant and profound.....yet down to earth expositor of scripture (he is friends of notable preachers and has had many at his little church in Illinois from DA Carson, Phil Johnson, Sam Waldron, Joel Beeke to Paul Washer etc)

Attributes of God (so far 56)
Christianity vs Philosophy (15 Pt)
Biblical Typology (8 pt)
Five points of Calvinism
History and Theology of Calvinism (75 pts)

Next a friend and the pastor of my mother and sister, P. Matt Mager

this series on Psalm 51 is just wonderful!
This moving and praise-full sermon after the near death of his wife and baby girl, magnifies our sovereign God!!
Two part sermon on Marriage and Divorce etc, is meaty and needed in our day
These Biographies are among the best on the web

Lastly I can't leave without recommending the most underrated pastor/preacher of our day, Pastor Al Martin

This series on Psalm 1 is grrrreat!!
This series on Principles of Christian Living is one of the most balanced and needed series in our day


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