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'Daddy tried' a book review and recommendation

"Daddy Tried" a review.

Well, it's been awhile since I have blogged, and the last real book review that I felt compelled to give was on "What He Must Be....If He Wants To Marry My Daughter" by Voddie Baucham, which I found to be a rare book full of desperately needed truth, and now it's 'Daddy Tried' by Pastor Tim Bayly.
I personally favor old books, not so I can accomplish some reading list or talk about books among nerdy Reformed guys, but those old books where they got to the point quickly, where it was full of pointed truth, in other words, 'preachy'. They had the audacity to declare the Word of the Lord and to call men to follow it, without apology, rather then the typical interesting 'i-just-wanted-to-pump-out-another-book' fluff we get today. That's not to say godly men aren't writing books, but it's really, really, really, rare to find a book where you can't find an older one (from a Puritan, a Reformer, a Spurgeon, a Ryle, a Edwards etc) that would have been way more helpful.
This book is one of those books, a book needed for today, a 'preachy' book addressing a real lack, and providing biblical and practical, exhortation and encouragement!
Knowing a little about Pastor Tim and his church, primarily through the testimonies of others (like my Pastor who happens to be his younger brother) and through his sermons and blogs, well I was excited to read this and to read it quickly. Now if you listen to Pastor Tim Bayly preach, you might notice the Tom Hanks voice, the slightly annoying laugh he uses, but mostly you'll pick up his attempt to bring the word to the specific people right in front of him (like his brother) which is important to keep in mind when you're tempted to frustrated by his poking and prodding instead of considering it as a mark of love. Likewise if you read his blog and his replies (when he replies), it can often be really short, really pointed, and really open for misunderstanding (every now and again he explains himself and it's really helpful...or it's just left and you just disagree, that's ok too).
This book, however, has been written much more carefully (obviously to a wider audience) and bears a lot of heart, a lot of patience, a lot of hope, while not leaving off the necessity of proclaiming the Word of the Lord as the authoritative Word of the Lord!
I've explained the style of this book as a contrast to sermons and blogs for a reason, I want you to get this book even if you've not found his 'style' (in sermons or blogs) to your taste. I don't mean to imply that he has left off dogmatic statements, fixed convictions, and/or stubborn interpretations, but seriously isn't that what we find from the well-beloved men of old? It's such a tragedy when a man who teaches or preaches the words for decades and has no convictions, has nothing he'll fight for, has nothing he's for or against...ugh, we need more men with GRIT (yes, loving, caring, patient men....with GRIT).
Pastor Tim has not 'reinvented the wheel' and that's why this book is so helpful, because it's so biblical, even obvious and yet it's a call that we just don't hear much these days. The call for Fatherhood in every area which God has called us to, faithful fatherhood for needy sinners.
I'm not saying you'll agree with everything written, especially in a social-media era where we look to present an argument just for arguments sake. You may disagree with parts which are clearly Presbyterian, you may not like the phrase 'father-hunger', you may not agree with the interpretation of the Fifth commandment, but disagreeing with the actual points of those arguments is another matter, because it's clearly biblical!
This book is for men who had father's who failed them and for fathers who have failed (just about.....EVERYONE). I just love this piece from the book,

"The life of faith is a life of obedience in the face of our own failures and sin" 
Yes we have all failed, yes we didn't start off on the best foot, well we can't just give up, we can't just hide under the cover of 'grace' while we watch our families and those we love perish, right? As Voddie, would often point out, that whether men like it or not, they are leading, the question isn't IF we are leading but HOW and to WHOM are we leading?! 

The only thing I would consider lacking, and I know, I know, "who are you to say that?". Well it's my review isn't it? It's the thing that's always lacking today, it's the thing that's hardest to maintain, it's the thing which seemed to carry greater weight in the past and that's prayer.  
Yes, the book closes with really helpful encouragement to pray for our lack and with encouragement to trust that God will hear our cries, nonetheless prayer just needs to be stressed more than ever. 
It's a glorious means of grace, right? one which we can all participate, one where we can not only make our requests but pour out our souls (sometimes those despairs, frustrations, cares, that are burdens which need to be given to our heavenly Father and not dumped on our families, especially our wives) a means where God receives much glory. Prayer will soften our stubborn hearts, make us more willing to apologize, make us more mindful of our actions etc. I amen the points and freedom given in the book concerning family devotions, and yet I would plead with men to strive to not only expose their children to as much of the Word as is possible (and reasonable---usually more than what we think) but to pray with their families, let them hear you regularly entreat the Father for help, for forgiveness, for sanctification, and for the salvation of your children (with thanksgiving). Let them hear you pray for the church, for the lost, for those in authority. What we pray for can communicate a lot about what's important. 

Men, GET THIS BOOK, young men please get this book, you'll amen some parts and you'll say ouch at other parts, young men will say 'I wish my dad read this book', older men will say 'I wish i read this earlier'  and yet by God's grace it'll weigh on each of us personally, and lead us to confess our sins, plead with the Father to help us and conform us to the image of His Son, and motivated by His great love for us, strive to obey and bear fruit for His glory!


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